The silent killer: Mindshare erosion


Photo Courtesy: Monkeyc.Net on Flickr

The biggest asset you have on your hand: Your time.

The biggest asset you have on the hand of others: Their mindshare

The biggest asset others have on their hand: Their time.

You squander their time (their biggest asset) and they stop handing you their mindshare (your biggest asset in their hands)

Mindshare erosion is the silent killer. You start losing it as soon as you stop caring for the time of people in question.

Mindshare erosion is a serious problem because while you can lose it easily, it is not easy to recover that back. Why? Simply because with the newfound time, others will engage with something else that catches their fancy. While it is important for you to get back their mindshare, it may not be equally important for them to hand back their mindshare.

This year, I wish all of you success and hope each one of you will prevent or arrest mindshare erosion and succeed.