Quick Background for Life Beyond Code Newsletter

A few hundred of you have already subscribed. Thanks to those of you.

I have been blogging since February 2005. Today, this blog has more than 1300 articles on wide-ranging topics. I have built a number of relationships because of this blog and that really has been the best part.

Now, I want to take this to the next level and build a deeper relationship with a few people who want to hear and interact with me via the newsletter.

The newsletter will mostly consist of what I am learning in the marketplace as I help build companies, write books, speak at conferences and meet interesting people. Think of it like a more personal blog.

So, what’s the bribe?

Why should you sign up?

The newsletter subscribers are a special group and my goal is to help them get a big ROII for subscribing to the newsletter. While this will evolve, here is what I am planning:

* Exclusive content for Newsletter subscribers

* Early notice and discounts of what’s coming up

* Deals from my friends and partners that are of value.

Please sign up here and look forward to engaging with you there too.

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