Upbeat Launched; An Offer to Consider

978193507303151395I was at SOBCon with my old and new friends last week and Upbeat was launched there. To get an overview of what Upbeat is all about, you can watch the four part video interview here. Steve Piazzale asks me a number of questions about the background and the need for a book like Upbeat now 🙂

A lot has happened since the launch but as you all know, the real work for me begins now. And, that’s where I need your help.

First, here are the links to where you can buy the book:

1. Amazon

2. 800-CEO-READ

3. Barnes and Noble

Early reviews of the book are here from:

1. Kevin Eikenberry, Author of Remarkable Leadership

2. Phil Gerbyshak, Author of 10 Ways to Make it Great

3. Jack Hayhow, Author of Wisdom of the Flying Pig

4. Dallas News – Book Review by Jim Pawlak

5. Lisa Haneberg – Author of 2 Weeks to a Breakthrough

The Deal

For the next three months, all the affiliate revenues from the Amazon link above will go towards creating the next SOBCon. SOBCon is a conference where bloggers take their game to the next level. If more bloggers produce great content, the more readers will benefit. You will be helping some of the best bloggers to increase the signal-to-noise ratio on the web.

Also, my publisher Rvive Books will match the contribution 1-1 doubling the funds raised during this period.

Also, Walmart has offered to match the contribution 1-1 basically tripling the funds raised during this period.

One More Offer

fulcrum-effect-coverFor those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I am a big fan of “Leverage.” I rarely do anything alone and most of the people that I work with are spread all over the globe. I speak regularly on the topic of leverage – how one can get, grow it and help others get it. In simple terms, the more you increase the capacity of other people, the more your capacity will increase. In other words, if you give more, you will get more. Generosity is an amazing gift you can give to the world AND to yourself. My last talk titled “The Fulcrum Effect” was professionally recorded and produced by my friends at Kreative Vistas. There is only a limited set of DVDs that will be produced and the final sale price has not been set yet. It will be somewhere between $75 to $100 depending on the final production costs.

So, with that in the background, here is the offer:
If you buy 10 or more copies of Upbeat and forwards the receipt to me (Contact Details Here) will get a copy of “The Fulcrum Effect” for FREE.  It might take a few weeks for us to send the DVD as it is still in production.

Also, since there are only a limited copies of the DVD, please check back on this blog post, before buying your copies for an update.