Twitter Digest – Feb 2009

Here are some of my tweets (Twitter Id: @UpbeatNow) in the month of February 2009

Feb 2: ThinkTweet: If you are the “signal” you don’t have to complain about the noise. It’s what will amplify your presence 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 3: ThinkTweet: You can never “win” in an argument. If you win, you lose because the other person loses. If you lose, well, you lose. (Twitter Link)

Feb 4: ThinkTweet: Q. to the interviewee – “What would be a question you wish I had asked? Why? and What would be your response?” (Twitter Link)

Feb 5: ThinkTweet: “Mediocre help is everywhere. You can get it for less too.” (Twitter Link)

Feb 5: Insightful – “To know your level of incompetence on a topic, you need to be reasonably competent on that topic” – Jeffrey Pfeffer (Twitter Link)

Feb 7: ThinkTweet: Life can be simple if this equation is true everyday: “What you give to the world” > “What you get from the world” (Twitter Link)

Feb 12: ThinkTweet: IMPOSSIBLE is same as “I M POSSIBLE” ?? (Twitter Link)

Feb 14: ThinkTweet: The golden rule: “Nobody wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy.” (Twitter Link)

Feb 15: ThinkTweet: I know one thing and that is “I don’t know everything.” (Twitter Link)

Feb 15: ThinkTweet: If you don’t follow the right people, you miss insights and if you follow the wrong ones you lose time 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 16: ThinkTweet: Direction is important. If you running fast in the wrong direction, you will reach the wrong place – FAST! (Twitter Link)

Feb 17: ThinkTweet: You steal an idea from a friend and you get ONLY one idea. Get that friend engaged and you get one GOLDMINE 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 17: ThinkTweet: 140 characters is a LOT when you don’t have anything to say 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 17: PowerQ: What is your elevator pitch for your elevator pitch? (Twitter Link)

Feb 17: ThinkTweet: “My Boss is the problem” is an excuse which is at the same level as “The dog ate my homework” 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 18: ThinkTweet: What is your Plan B for your Plan B? (Twitter Link)

Feb 19: ThinkTweet: You have a “problem” when you don’t know the solution. You have a “bigger problem” when you don’t know abt. the problem (Twitter Link)

Feb 20: Persistence alone is NOT sufficient. Look at how many of you block fake (but persistent) tweeps. (Twitter Link)

Feb 22: “In life we make choices. I had to constantly make choices between love and hate. I chose love and I am here” – A R Rehman #oscars (Twitter Link)

Feb 23: #ThinkTweet: We want something YESTERDAY but we are not even willing to pay the price for it TOMORROW (Twitter Link)

Feb 23: #ThinkTweet: Stress is “trying to control what you know cannot be controlled” and forgetting to “engage in what you CAN control.” (Twitter Link)

Feb 25: #ThinkTweet: Your worry in the present is a reflection for the lack of it (for the future) in the past (Twitter Link)

Feb 26: #ThinkTweet: Now that you answered the question that was asked, think about the question that was important but NOT asked 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Feb 27: #ThinkTweet: If you back is hurting someone’s knife, you should take the partial blame 🙂 (Twitter Link)

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