Ideal Workplace and Ideal Work…

Over at Successful Blog, ever-amazing Liz Strauss was having a comment-party tonight talking about Ideal Workplace and Ideal Work. I was late to the party but here is my perspective on the topic

Both the ideal workplace and ideal work are created first in our minds. Whether you are in the ideal workplace and whether you are doing ideal work, the first thing we should do is to THINK we are in the ideal workplace and we are doing ideal work. Only then can we give it our best shot for what we are doing at PRESENT.

Here are a few more things to consider. An ideal work is one where:
1. You are GROWING
2. You have an ability to CONTRIBUTE to the world in a BIG way.
3. You are in a FLOW
4. You wake up in the morning WANTING to engage in your craft
5. What you are doing is MEANINGFUL
6. If you stop engaging in your craft, you create a big VOID

and lastly,

7. You don’t think what you are doing is WORK 🙂

Have a great week ahead!