Twitter Digest – Jan 2009

Here are some of my tweets (Twitter Id: @UpbeatNow) in the month of January.

Jan 2: A simple quote to remember in 2009: “Knowing is not doing. But doing is doing.” When times are tough, lead with execution! (Twitter Link)

Jan 5: ThinkTweet: You wished “Happy New Year” to many people. What can you DO to make it so? Cheers. (Twitter Link)

Jan 5: ThinkTweet: If dreams don’t have taxes, why put restrictions on them? (Twitter Link)

Jan 5: ThinkTweet: One gets “hurt” when ignored. Rather than that, why not work towards “being” that someone who is hard to be ingored? (Twitter Link)

Jan 11: This gem is from Garth Brooks – “You aren’t wealthy until you have something that money can’t buy” (Twitter Link)

Jan 11: Irony No.1 – “shortcut” (Twitter Link)

Jan 13: This gem is from Dalai Lama – “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” (Twitter Link)

Jan 14: Networking 101 – If you goal is to ALWAYS give to your network, you will ALWAYS have enough to give 🙂 #lion (Twitter Link)

Jan 14: Networking 101-The litmus test: If you disappear from the world today, how BIG of a VOID will it create in all your networks? #lion #powerq (Twitter Link)

Jan 14: Networking Metric is NOT how you leverage your network but how much you CONTRIBUTE to the network (whatever be the medium) #lion (Twitter Link)

Jan 20: “Greatness is never a given. It must be earned” – President Obama #inaug09 (Twitter Link)

Jan 21: ThinkTweet: Beware of mis-attribution: “Hard work due to incompetence” mis-attributed as “walking the extra mile” 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Jan 26: Want to be memorable? Leave behind a “possibility” that was never there before you touched them 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Jan 27: ThinkTweet: Are you seducing people to buy what you have OR are you being seduced to sell what your customers want? (Twitter Link)

Jan 29: ThinkTweet: Your stress in the downturn is inversely proportional to your investment in yourself before the downturn 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Jan 29: ThinkTweet: You can only do something about a downturn by DOING something about it (Not thinking about doing something) (Twitter Link)

Jan 29: ThinkTweet: A downturn provides huge opportunity for those that can create HUGE opportunities for OTHERS 🙂 (Twitter Link)

Jan 31: ThinkTweet: You are an “expert” when people people who are qualified to make that assessment say so & NOT when you just claim it. (Twitter Link)

Have a great week ahead.

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