Ways to distinguish yourself #197 – Be comfortable with "Nothing"

Take a dot. Put some “nothing” in it and..

You get a doughnut!

Take a doughnut. Put some “nothing” in it and…

You get a zero.

Take a zero. Put some more “nothing” in it and…

You get a bowl.

Take a bowl. Put some more “nothing” in it and…

You get an arc.

Take an arc. Put some more “nothing” in it and..

Yes, you get “nothing”!

“Nothing” plays an important role in our life. It is basically a space of possibility. Imagine speaking without a pause. Without that silence. It will be hard to understand what you are saying. You need that “nothing” in between the something that you are saying otherwise that something will be nothing 🙂

In a way, the “nothing” that surrounds the something will amplify the meaning of something. So not only should you not ignore “nothing” but you should become comfortable with it.

When I started my first company, I was totally uncomfortable with “nothing”. When I reached out to a prospect, I expected that “nothing” should come in between my offer of help to their providing a “purchase order”. “Nothing” would drive me crazy. Something had to be happening all the time. Looking back, it seems silly to expect that – but that’s what is experience all about.

Go ahead and enjoy the “something” by appreciating the “nothing” surrounding it. You will not only be more comfortable, you will put people surrounding you at ease.


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