HARP – Having an Attitude that's Recession-Proof!

HARP v. – Having an Attitude that’s Recession-Proof

If recession is here, you have been given a free-admission 🙂

None of us can be totally recession-proof. However, we can all strive to have an attitude that’s recession-proof.

None of us have to be reminded that how we come out of this recession will be largely based on what actions we take personally. We also know that

Actions move us

Our thoughts precede our actions

Our attitude shapes our thoughts

Our awareness influences our attitude

Our knowledge raises our awareness

Our teachers amplify our knowlege

So this is the time (if you are not already doing it) to aggressively pursue finding and seducing the “right” teachers to help you survive and thrive in this recession.

Remember that having an attitude that’s recession-proof won’t guarantee you success but not having that attitude may guarantee failure 🙂

All the best.

Note: This is the introductory post for the series on HARP (Having an Attitude that’s Recession-Proof)