"Behind The Car" now behind the car (literally)

A quick progress report on my little project (background) with my son Sumukh.

Quick Background

Behind The Car” is a community project to collect cool and interesting bumper stickers from across the world. An example of one such bumper sticker is here:

The project was launched on his 10th birthday. So it has now been a week on the project. We spend a few minutes a couple of days a week to discuss his questions. Sumukh cleans up the photos and uploads photos that he has received to the site.

The traffic on the site is growing. Now that we have some content (a few dozen bumper stickers), we are starting to focus on marketing.

Marketing “Behind The Car”

Since there is simply no marketing budget (remember, we are a startup), we have to find innovative ways of marketing. So he is annoying his Mom to tell her colleagues about this project and asking me to post again on my blog 🙂

The other thing we did was to get a few bumper stickers with “Behind The Car” written on them and, literally, we (Kavitha and I) have “Behind The Car” stickers behind our cars.

We didn’t know if this would work but it seems like it is working. When I look at the traffic, I see that there are many people who searched on Google for “behind the car” and landed on the site.

Thank you

Thanks to all the supporting emails, comments on the website. Some of you have taken the trouble to post about the project on your blogs and on Twitter. Special thanks to those of you.

More updates in a month or so.