A Perspective on Life and Death

A Perspective on LIfe and Death

Last night I was at a concert by Indian Ocean band at Palo Alto. I went there to support Isha Foundation but was mesmerized by the experience created by the band. Simply fascinating!

Now a perspective on Life and Death

About Life

One of the songs played by the band was from Sant Kabir. I couldn’t follow all the lyrics but I was touched by the meaning of Sant Kabir’s poem. It was about life.

Sant Kabir comes from a family of weavers. In his poem he says that this life is like a cloth by a master weaver. Although the master does not discriminate and gives the same cloth to everyone, most people don’t respect the cloth. Some people get it dirty and some people tear it and some people just mis-use it. I (Kabir) want to live in a way that I respect the gift.

About Death

A few weeks ago I attended a talk by renowned mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev at the India Community Center in Milpitas. During the Q&A session, one of the participants asked Sadhguru to talk about Death.

Sadhguru used an analogy of a loan. Imagine you take a loan from someone with a promise that you will return it after a certain period. Now, if you did something meaningful with that loan or you invested the loan to make a lot more money out of that loan, when the time comes to return the original amount, you may happily do it.

However, if you mis-used that loan or lost all that money, when the time comes to return the original amount, it hurts you.

This life is like a loan and if you lived it well, you have made the most out of it. When the time comes to go (return that loan) you may take it gracefully.

Have a great week ahead!