The Power of Patience – Take Two

I wrote earlier about the value of patience (inspired by my hero Seth Godin)

I think the winning combination is to be impatient for acquiring new knowledge but to be patient when waiting for results. Why? Learning is in your control and as much as we want it, results are typically not under your control.

I talked about the concert by Indian Ocean Group. I enjoy and appreciate music but would not have attended the concert if not for Isha Foundation. However, my view on that changed after I was mesmerized by the talent of the group.

After I was back, I was curious to find out the background of the band. As you would expect, their overnight success was in the making for the last two decades. The checkered past, the roller coaster rides of life, the trials and tribulations – you can easily make a movie out of the story of the band. You can read their story here:

Indian Ocean Music: The Story So Far…

What comes out clearly is the commitment to the group and the patience.

Hats off and wish them all the success!