Six-Word Memoir – Retake

I am a big fan of Dan Pink and his work. First, he inspired me to write a set of mini sagas (Latest Manifesto – Mini Sagas: Bite Sized Wisdom for Life and Business) and then he made me think about a six-word memoir. Always keeps me busy 🙂

I did a first-take on my six-word memoir a few weeks ago. But I was never happy about it. I have been thinking about a better one for the last few weeks and I think I finally found it.

So, my six word memoir is (and striving to keep it that way for the rest of my life):

Bringing Ideas To Life With Love

Photo Courtesy: Suresh Gundappa

From writing this blog to publishing books to building companies that is what I am striving to be – bringing ideas to life with love.

Now that I made that statement, I have to live up to it.

Wish me luck and my good wishes for you on your journey to create a memoir that you and your closed ones will be proud of!