Horror on an Airplane; Please support Mohan

Mohan from Infosys sent me an email a few minutes ago about his personal tragedy. Reading through what they had to go through recently brought tears to my eyes.

Mohan and his wife were traveling on Jet Airways Flight 9W 229 from Brussels to New Delhi with their 4.5 month old baby Aditya Mohan. For reasons unknown, the baby stopped breathing and long story short – was pronounced dead on arrival. Reason given – “death by  Asphyxiation by choking”

Please read the detailed story here and here.

Mohan has written a detailed version of the story here.

It is a long journey to India and I know that there are a lot of parents who travel to India with infants. Like Mohan says, I hope no other parent has to face the kind of tragedy they faced. Our family offers our deepest condolences to Mohan and his family.

Please support Mohan and his family by signing an online petition to request authorities to conduct a full investigation.

It is sad to hear this and may GOD give all the strength to Mohan and his wife in this time.