Local, Targeted and Religious Marketing…

Kavitha (my wife) and Sumukh (our son) are currently in India on a holiday. There is a lot of food in the freezer but sometimes I end up just eating outside.

Last week I was at an Indian restaurant called Bhavika Foods in Sunnyvale picking up something to eat. It is a tiny restaurant but very popular because the food is good.

I couldn’t resist noticing a bunch of flash card sized photos of Indian Gods there. They were so cool that I ended up picking up a few of them. There were close to 12 different pictures over there.

At the back of each of the card, there was a calendar for 2008 with a listing of top Indian holidays.

Note: It is impossible to list all of the holidays in India. It will require a book 🙂

This is a simple case of highly targeted (most of the visitors there are Indians), local (most customers are walk-in) and religious (most Indians believe in GOD) marketing in play.

The religious twist ensures that what they provided is handled with care. Generally people don’t throw away the photos of GODs.

Bhavika chose the religious angle but you don’t have to (if you don’t want to). You can still think of ways of providing something valuable to the target audience.

Start thinking and enjoy your week ahead!