Ways to distinguish yourself #191 – Add an extra "Thank You"

Come to think of it, saying “Thank You” just once more in a day in your life costs you almost NOTHING. However, for the recipient of that thank you, it is invaluable.

Imagine when someone genuinely thanks you for something – isn’t that a good feeling? Does it not feel like they handed out a gift to you despite the fact that to give the gift it costs them almost NOTHING?

We all know that long after we are gone, people remember us by how we made them feel and not what we give them.

A genuine “Thank You” is powerful. It can make someone’s day.

We can only watch people’s actions. What goes on their minds and what is going on in their life, we don’t know.

A “Thank You” might just do one or more of the following:

* make their day a little bit better than what it is now

* enhance their self-esteem

* provide them with a boost of energy

* make them feel good about themselves

* feel energized

I can go on with the list but in summary, a genuine “Thank You” can only have a positive effect on the recipient.

Go ahead and give that gift. Just one more time in a day and you will make someone’s day.


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