If this was the last thing you could say to a person…

Benjamin Zander talks about the story of a woman who survived Auschwitz.

She was brought in there when she was fifteen and her brother was eight. They both were on a train to Auschwitz and she saw that her brother had no shoes. She told her brother – “Why are you so stupid. Can’t you keep your things together – for goodness sake” – the way a sister would speak to a brother. Unfortunately that was the last thing she said to him in her life. Her brother did not survive.

Once she came out of Auschwitz, she made a vow and it was:

I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing that I ever say

Benjamin Sander says that we may not be able to do this all the time but it is a possibility to live into.

The story brought tears in my eyes.

You can see the 20 minute talk at TED by Benjamin Zander here and be inspired. This story comes at the end of his talk but I can guarantee that you will enjoy every second of his talk.

Hat tip to my friend: Phil Gerbyshak