Fantasy Test

Take this test for fun. Score a point whenever you get “caught” (agree to a point). If you score more than 10, you need HELP!

1. Looking to build “long-term” relationships in the short-term [eBook: Lasting Relationships]

2. Getting frustrated because it is taking a long-time to “get rich quick”

3. Wanting the prize without paying the price

4. Sacrificing long-term priorities for the short-term and vice-versa

5. Thinking you can do it all alone

6. Thinking you can’t do anything alone

7. Expecting it’s OK with others for you to take them for granted

8. Thinking that your “good intentions” will make up for your inaction

9. Breaking your promise to others

10. Breaking your promise to yourself

11. Forgetting to live in the moment

12. Deciding to live ONLY in the moment

13. Calling someone ONLY when you need them (similar to #7)

14. Not calling someone when they really need you.

15. Not knowing when to persist and when to quit

16. Forgetting to enjoy the journey to your “destination”

17. Crying over losing something that you didn’t have anyway

18. Belieiving that you don’t need teachers and mentors to get where you want to go.

19. Not having time to learn how to make the most of your time [eBook: Making the Most of Your Time]

20. Not knowing how to detect your fantasies

21. Believing that learning ends when you finish school (Hint: It really starts there)

22. Choosing to be miserable for no reason

23. Wanting a reason to be happy

24. Not reading enough to gain knowledge or Not putting enough to use of whatever knowledge you already have.

25. Expecting a premium for engaging in commodity work [eBook: 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself]

Have fun!!