1000: The more I learn, I discover that there is more to learn

Time flies. Really. It has been 1122 days since I started blogging. Never thought that I would last this long. Today is a big day (for me at least) as this is my 1000th blog post on Life Beyond Code.


I really don’t know how long I will continue to blog but my goal continues to be the same – 90% of my blog posts have to provide a high ROII for some time to come. I have thought of quitting blogging several times in the last three years. I did not. If I have to think about one good reason, it must be because blogging provides a high ROII for me to justify to continue blogging. It is one exercise where I see that the more I GIVE, the more I GET.

What have I got in the last three years:

* Great friendships: Meeting some of the most wonderful people on the planet. I might have met them anyway (but I doubt it very much)

* Clarity: It helps me clarify my thoughts and ideas. Having an idea in the head is one thing, translating it into words is a whole new thing.

* Reach: I have friends from places that I am sure I can’t spell or pronounce. What a blessing.

* Increased capacity: Blogging amplifies your capacity but rarely creates new capacity. That puts me on the spot to perform and produce results outside of blogging.

* Increased responsibility: I can write whatever I want in my notebook but a blog is a public notebook. It has to make sense for someone else to read.

I can go on but it is too much to list.

Thank you list:

1. My family (sorry, it’s not the readers yet): Every time I spent my time blogging, I could have spent it with my family. Kavitha (my wife) and Sumukh (my son) know how much I love this. Thanks to them for accomodating this and many other pursuits I have.

2. My teachers: I have a few of them. I am blessed and fortunate to have these great teachers.

Without #1, I wouldn’t have the time to blog and without #2, I wouldn’t have got anything good to blog.

3. Readers of this blog: Without you, the blog does not exist. So a BIG thank you. Every email you send me and every comment you post – makes my day.

4. Supporting friends and extended family: There are many more people that I have to thank and it is a VERY LONG list. The people that I have on this category already know it and I am blessed and thankful to be around them.

Over these years, I have learnt a lot from all of you – so much that I know there is so much more to learn. Whenever you have a moment, please send me your feedback (via comments, email or on my Facebook page).