Gaining competitive advantage is NOT easy

I heard about the launch of Biographicon – where everyone can create their biography. The value proposition – if you can’t get into Wikipedia, no problem – you can get into Biographicon.

Go ahead and create one.

Have something to say?

You have several choices. Few of them are
1. You can create a page on Squidoo OR
2. You can create a page on HubPages OR
3. You can create a page using Google Sites OR
4. You can create a Wiki page with PBWiki OR
5. You can create a page on Google Knol (soon, I think)

Go ahead say whatever you wanted to say.


If you want to gain competitive advantage, please remember – you have to have something REALLY GOOD to say.

Having an opportunity and ability to create something on the web won’t give you a competitive advantage automatically.

If it’s easy for you to create something ordinary, it’s easy for someone else too. Also, you may be interested in creating something ordinary – does not mean that people are out there looking for “ordinary” stuff. Again, why would somebody pay a premium for anything that is available in plenty – it’s a simple “supply and demand” issue. The more the supply, the lesser the value.

Thank GOD – there are tools available (for FREE) to create something ordinary or something remarkable. Choose ordinary and the tools provide ZERO advantage. Choose remarkable and the tools make it easy for you – but you still have to DO the work!

Have a great Wednesday!