One more way to make Google rich!

This is a two-step process 1. Start a Google Adwords Camapign Ex: Buy keyword like “Los Altos Coffee” 2. Don’t create a website. You can just put an “Under Construction” message I thought something went wrong and clicked the same link twice. Did my part to help Google! Please sign up for my newsletter here:

Stress is…

1. Being articulate and incapable 2. Trying to show you care when you really don’t care 3. Wanting the “prize” without paying the “price” 4. Making promises without knowing or wanting to fulfill them 5. Making up things or being worried about getting exposed for making up things 6. Not wanting to change and going… Continue reading

People and Things

Yesterday Hari (from Jiffle) mentioned about an email he received with a set of quotes. One quote really caught his attention. The quote is simple and profound “People are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used. But unfortunately, people are being used and things are being loved” Have a great weekend!… Continue reading

Pre-Entrepreneurship "Crash" Course

That is the topic of my talk at the event organized by IIT Delhi, Entrepreneurship Support Program Here are the details Location: Synopsys, 455 N. Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA Date: Wednesday March 26th Mixer: 6.00 pm to 6.30pm Presentation: Rajesh Setty 6.30pm – 7.30pm Q&A/Discussion: 7.30pm – 8.30pm Fee: $15.00 Contacts: Rahul Kapoor ( or… Continue reading