The Paradox of Learning (example of Time Management)

Yesterday I had dinner with three very smart people. One of them is Hanley Brite. During our talk, the topic moved to learning and Hanley explained a learning paradox taking the example of time management.

Hanley said:

The paradox of learning is beautifully explained in the context of time management. The people who attend a time management course are exactly those people who “find” the time to attend the time management course and hence may not really need that course. And, on the other hand, people who don’t attend a time management course can’t find the time to attend one and may be those are the ones that really need the time management course

Of course, this learning paradox exists beyond the time management domain.

Think about it – What is that you something that you need to get good at TODAY but you really don’t have the TIME to get good at it?


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