Can you handle suddenly changing terrains?

Let me paint a scenario

You have some knowledge of flying but you want to learn more. So you take some professional lessons and a few days later, you are ready to fly on your own.

It’s a big day. You get into the plane and start the engine and you are on the runway. You are just about to ready to take off and something magical happens.

The plane has now transformed into a speedboat – only without the breaks. Before you realize what happened you see that you are going straight towards some big rocks. You are confused, scared but you don’t want to give up and die. You take control and start navigating the dangerous territory

Just when you thought that this was over and there will be smooth sailing, something else happens

The boat disappears. In fact, you are now wearing ski boots and you are skiing down a dangerous slope. You can’t believe this and you just wish this was a dream. But it’s not. You are not really good at skiing and this is not the easiest of slopes. Even in that cold, you start sweating but you are moving down VERY fast. You start navigating through the path again

I can go on…

What I outlined above is how the journey appears for many first-time entrepreneurs. The terrain keeps changing and you are in an unchartered territory most of the time.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur and want to be one – be prepared to face this. If you are fortunate enough to have GOOD help, you may not notice the sudden change in terrains (product development, financing, hiring, growing, managing boards, mergers, acquisitions, firing…l)

Wish you the very best.