The Crutch

You would have seen someone like Simon. Simon seems to have a problem with one of his legs. So he is using a crutch just to support himself when he is walking. But upon close observation, the legs look OK. It’s not like something was broken or anything. Or at least there was no visible… Continue reading

The Help Paradox

It seems like there is a simple solution to the help problem. A lot of people in the world want help. A lot of people in the world can provide help. So why not match the everyone that needs help with everyone that can provide that help and resolve this whole thing once for all…. Continue reading

Are you covered?

If yes, Congratulations!! and you can skip this article. You don’t know what you don’t know.. You can’t hear what you can’t hear.. You can’t see what you can’t see… You can’t think about what is not in your awareness.. You need mentors and teachers because you just can’t do it alone. The irony is… Continue reading