Chilli sauce

We (Kavitha, Sumukh and myself) arrived at Munich yesterday for a combination trip – business, visiting friends and relatives and vacation.

It was late when we reached our hotel in the heart of the city. After a 11 hour flight, nobody was interested in going out to eat. Kavitha ordered some food (pasta and rice). Coming from India, we knew that the food won’t be “spicy” enough for us. So she asked the person to get some chilli sauce on the side.

The food arrived in record time and along with pasta and rice there were two more items – about 8 chillies and a cup of sauce.

We were so hungry – we didn’t bother to make any changes but we had a good laugh.

Communication is fun. It is really not what you say that matters but what the other person listens to. Most often, we say something and “feel” that we have “communicated”. While it is true that we have “communicated” it may not be “exactly” what we are thinking that we have communicated.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Will post some pictures from the trip soon.