Assets and liabilities

When something is a liability for you, it is typically dreaded or viewed as a problem to be “fixed.” However you view it, you won’t view your liability also as an “asset.” That would be counter-intuitive.

In my last trip to India, Naveen made an interesting observation – for China and India, the biggest liability was population – being the #1 and #2 most populous countries. Population was viewed as a huge national problem and something that needed to be “fixed” and “treated.” Enter the 21st century and this turned out to be a great asset in the outsourcing boom. The sheer number of people that could be put to work could not be matched by any other country. Moving forward, population will be an issue but it is being looked at in different light. Within the country, they say “We can scale up easily to meet the demand” and outside the country, marketers view these countries as “huge opportunities.”

Apply the same rule in your own lives: think about this question – could your biggest liability be an asset somewhere?