Ways to distinguish yourself – #65 Be grateful

In several cultures across the world, a common ritual is to pray
silently for a few seconds before the meal. The prayer is usually to
say “Thank You” to GOD for that meal. It does make a lot of sense when
you think of millions of people in the world that are struggling to get
one good meal in a day. If you think of the number of children that die
of hunger in the world, it becomes almost a no-brainer to be grateful
for every meal that we get!

We can almost generalize this and say that it’s a good idea to be
grateful for everything we have in life – for all the wonderful people
that are surrounding us. For, if we are not grateful, there is a
dangerous tendency to take people for granted – especially the ones
that interact with us on a day to day basis.

If you reflect on the last three months of your life, I am sure you
will find several instances where people (who are close to you or ones
that you just made friendship with) who walked the extra mile just to
make your life a bit easier. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to plan and
acknowledge them for that? Better yet, how about planning to
reciprocate in some way – now or in the near future?

In summary, everyone needs help. Most
people get significant help. However, only a handful are grateful for
all the help they receive. You can stand out from the crowd by being
one of these handful people.

On this day of thanksgiving, I want to let all of you know that I am
grateful for all the love and support you have given me. THANK YOU.