Ways to distinguish yourself – #66 Keep "Your story so far.." ready

Here is a common scenario.

1. You meet someone – talk weather, politics, current events and sports and slowly develop friendship.

2. It takes a while before you start talking about something personal.

3. After a while, you both exchange your stories – the good, the bad, your hopes and your dreams.

4. After this, the relationship goes to the new level.

Everyone of us has a story in us and it IS interesting. You have a story and your friend has a story. The question is – have you both exchanged your stories at the deepest level?

I finished my engineering degree in electronics and communication in
early 90s. Today, as you would expect my classmates in engineering are
in various parts of the world doing very interesting jobs. When I moved
to the bay area in 1997, it was not difficult to find many of my
classmates here. One of my classmates took the initiative to setup a
mailing list so that we can all keep in touch. A few years passed by
and the mailing list was active and going well. Once, we decided to do
an experiment to share “our story so far..” to the group. About half
the group shared their stories in great detail – their journey from the
day they left the college – their successes, their failures, about
their family and their friends and hobbies and so on. It was a
phenomenal experience to read every single story that was posted on the
mailing list. I was able to connect with my classmates in ways that I
could not imagine after reading their stories.

For that exercise, I created my “story so far..” a chronological
listing of milestones in my life. I have since then updated it and kept
it current to reflect what happened until six months ago. I have
exchanged such stories with several friends and the result is always
the same – a feeling of fascination and new level of respect for each
other. It’s an experience worth experiencing!

Summary: Stories are powerful. Your own story is powerful. Since you
are the most important person in your life, it is worth recording your
story. Keep “Your story so far..” up to date and ready to be exchanged
with your friends to take your relationship to the next level.

Good luck!