Ways to distinguish yourself – #64 Smile!

Yes, that’s right. It can be as simple as that. You can stand out from
the crowd just by boosting up your smile a bit and spreading cheer
wherever and whenever you can.

Quick. Try to think of someone in your workplace that is always smiling
and happy. I am sure one or two people came to your mind instantly. But
not a whole lot of them. Isn’t it easy to spend time with one or two of
these special people? The sad part is most people don’t smile much and
worse yet, most people don’t think that smiling is a big deal.

Take a look at the following quote:

“Past is history

 Future is mystery

 This moment is a gift.

 That’s why it’s called PRESENT”

                                      – Deepak Chopra

Who does not like gifts? If you consider this moment as a gift, it’s not hard to start celebrating and smiling!

If you need a few more reasons to smile, here are four more to consider:

1. Smile is good for health (scientifically proven!)

2. Smile is contagious (It’s hard to not smile back if they smile at you)

3. Smile will get you more friends (We have trouble talking strangers. So, it’s harder to talking to frowning strangers)

4. Smile. It increases your face value (courtesy: a bumper sticker that I saw recently)

Good luck!