October Sky – Against all odds!

My trip from Boston to San Jose couple of days ago had another
highlight. American Airlines was screening a movie called “October Sky
and since I was confident that I will complete reading Grapevine(by David Balter)
quickly, I chose to watch the movie. What a good decision it was! I was
proud of myself. Sometimes I do make good decisions altough Kavitha (my
wife) says that it is just statistics in play 🙂

October Skyky is a true story of Homer Hickam, a young student from a
town where all the people are employees of a coal mine. Homer (the
protaganist) gets interested in building rockets after watching Sputnik
(the russian space shuttle) and getting inspired by Ms.Riley (his
teacher). The rest of the movie is a brilliant depiction of what all he
has to go through when he starts to chase his passion and dreams. While
he gets support from a few people, most people think that it is a
ridiculous idea and wants him to give up.

Homer Hickam is currently a NASA engineer training astronauts for space shuttle missions.

A movie worth watching for sure!