When you ask for something..

I had an opportunity to speak at HP as part of an NetIP
event. I enjoyed speaking there as it was almost an interactive
discussion with the group. Once the talk was completed, a few people
talked to me one-on-one and most of them asked for my contact details.
I give out my cards freely knowing that only a small portion of the
people that get these cards will do anything with them. I hear from
probably 25% of all the people that get my contact information.

This time it was different. I heard from a lot of people and there was
one email that was more interesting than the rest. It was from a
participant called Mani who was requesting for a one-on-one meeting.
Here are some key things in that were included in Mani’s email:
a. Mani’s photo to help me connnect easily
b. Mani had offered to connect me with two other speakers
(unfortunately I know both of them extremely well) but the gesture
c. Mani offered a couple of suggestions to improve my presentation. Not surprising from a Toastmasters champ.
d. Mani stated his request clearly – what he is expecting from our one-on-one meeting.
e. Mani gave several options to meet – coffee, lunch or a game of tennis.

I can go on. In summary, there were so many things right with the email that I am meeting him tomorrow for coffee.