Innovation is not a one time activity – Case in point: LifeDrive

Even if you have a great product you can’t rest on your laurels. Apple‘s iPod is great but there is now competition from PalmOne.

The new Lifedrive from PalmOne looks cool. They are creating a new
category called “Digital Lifestyle Device” and want to launch a flank
attack at iPod. Interestingly, observe that they are also commodotizing
many of their own organizer products to demonstrate a giant leap.

Lifedrive is a cross of
* email client
* browser
* mp3 player
* organizer
* video player
* mobile hard drive
and many more.

PalmOne just launched the product so the jury is still out. My
only point is that innovation is not a one time activity. It has to be
woven into the fabric of our personal and professional lives
. We can’t rest on our laurels.