Setting expectations – Nordstrom experience

I love Nordstroms. I really do!
People are very professional and it’s a great shopping experience.
Yesterday I was shopping there and picked up a couple of pants. There
was a big sign there stating “Alterations made while you shop” and I
thought I can get them fixed today. There was a tailor in-house, took
the measurements and asked me to pay at the counter and bring back the
pants for making the alterations. So far so good.

When I returned back to the tailor, she promptly asked me to come back
next saturday to pick them up. I asked her whether she could get them
to me today, she told me that normally she could but she was very busy.

It was a happy ending overall. But next time, I decided to verify the
promises Nordstroms is making before assuming that they mean everything
they say. Great store. great products. great promises but sometimes
unable to fulfill them 🙁

Lesson learnt: Don’t make a promise that you can’t fulfill, especially don’t set wrong expectations.