Compelling Offer #4 – All Marketers are Liars – Want proof?

I am huge fan of Seth and I must say that his book Purple Cow was a major inspiration for my upcoming Book “Beyond Code

Seth, I have to say this. With your 800-CEO-READ offer, you have just proven your core message from the book “All Marketers are Liars.” Here’s why:

Here is the promotion in a nutshell:

You can get a free copy of Seth’s new eBook “Knock Knock” (valued at $9) if you buy two copies of “All Marketers are Liars” from 800-CEO-READ.

Sounds like a good deal?

Here is the comparison:

Via 800-CEO-READ
* Two copies of “All Marketers are Liars” – $44.32
* Knock Knock eBook                              –  $0.00
Total                                                         – $44.32

Via Amazon

* Two copies of “All Marketers are Liars” – $32.58
* Knock Knock at full price                       –  $9.00
Total                                                        – $41.58

With the Amazon option, you can buy another book of Seth instead of buying two copies of the same book.


PS: I have not read the book yet. Seth mentions to me that that this analysis has nothing to do with the content in the book. Agreed. OK, my motivation was that folks at 800-CEO-READ will read this blog item and make a price adjustment leading to a really compelling offer.