MBA or no MBA??

Seth posted an interesting article a few days ago on his blog suggesting that it may be better to read a right set of books instead of attending an MBA program. So many people wanted to know the answer to the million dollar question – “What are those right set of books?” No one right answer,… Continue reading

Ways to distinguish yourself – #8 Set higher standards

When describing why he is so successful, Michael Jordan once mentioned that his secreat was to demand more from himself than anybody else ever will. Michael Jordan obviously sets higher standards for himself. In order to good results, we need to set the right expectations and exceed them consistently. However, if we want outstanding results,… Continue reading

Do you like surprises?

Whenever I ask the question “Do you like surprises?” most people say “yes” even before they blink.  Most of us hear the question as “Do you like a positive surprise?” and the answer, of course, should be “yes” However, nobody likes a surprise that is shocking or brings sad news or just plain negative. Tom… Continue reading