Ways to distinguish yourself – #10 Pursue right memberships

What we know is important. Of course, we all know that who we know is
more important than what we know. What is also important is how we know
who we know. This is where the membership comes in.

We are not revisiting the MBA discussion. But the MBA alumni networks
are quite powerful. That is one example. There are many such membership
opportunities available. The right place can be, well, a golf club
where the people that we want to meet hang out.

Some of these memberships cost a ton of money but I think they are more of investments than expeneses. The ROI for the right membership can be huge.

My personal example – membership with TEC,
a network of CEOs worldwide, the largest of its kind. When I became a
member in 2003, I never imagined the impact it would have on our
business. It has been phenomenal.

Each one of us are unique. For me, TEC was great and the timing
couldn’t have been better. You have to figure out what the right
memberships are at this point in time in your life. What “clubs” should
you belong to – to take your life to the next level? It may take a
while to research and find out or you may already know it but have not
taken the time to pursue the membership seriously.

The right memberships can payoff big time. All the best.