Ways to distinguish yourself – #8 Set higher standards

When describing why he is so successful, Michael Jordan once mentioned
that his secreat was to demand more from himself than anybody else ever
will. Michael Jordan obviously sets higher standards for himself.

In order to good results, we need to set the right expectations and
exceed them consistently. However, if we want outstanding results, we
need to operate at higher personal standards than what others expect of

Let’s take an olympic event. We remember the gold, silver and bronze
winners but not the person in the fourth place. The difference may be
very small but the person in the fourth place is rarely talked about.
Difference between good and outstanding again.

When you send the next email, stop for a minute and think about what
the recipient will think about your standards from the style and
content of the email. What could you do to raise your standards in a
simple act of sending an email? It may take you a few minutes more but
it may be worth spending that extra time..