Who is an Entrepreneur?

It’s hard to “box” an entrepreneur as there are so many different kinds of them. However, there are several characteristics that will make it easy to spot one. I have picked 11 really interesting quotes about an entrepreneur. Here they are (in no particular order) #1 Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach “An entrepreneur is someone… Continue reading

The Wolves Inside

Maynas Eric Chua made my day with this note on his Facebook page. Apart from what was written on that note that brought tears in my eyes, Eric shared a beautiful story with a message that all of us should remember. Here it goes: The Wolves Inside An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son,… Continue reading

All about Professional Speaking – Interview with Shelley Dolley

I have known Shelley for several years and she is amazing when it comes to speaking professionally. Shelley’s official bio: Shelley Dolley helps business book authors grow successful speaking careers. She’s worked for over a decade with management guru Tom Peters and advises her clients with an industry insider’s perspective. I had a chance to… Continue reading

Leap of Faith

Photo Courtesy: Travis Gray on Flickr We take “leaps of faith” all the time. We don’t have a choice but to take a “leap of faith” when the data is limited to make a good assessment of the situation that leads to a rational decision [ For those smart types – not making a decision… Continue reading