The myth of maintaining status quo

When you reach a point in your career after striving hard to get there, you might feel that it’s time to take a break and maintain the status quo.


Maintaining the status quo is a big myth.

A few decades ago when the rate of change fueled by technology was very small, there might have been a slight chance to maintain the status quo.

But, not anymore.

You have to keep running at least at the rate at which things are changing around you just to stay where you are.

That’s why your mentors of well wishers will advise you that every quarter you need to go through a reflection exercise where you re-apply for the same job that you are already holding and see if the Boss would have picked you amongst all the other possible candidates that are available in the market.

If the answer was negative you are doing a dis-service for your company, and, more importantly you are being irresponsible about the future you are creating for yourself.

Image: Napkinsight #493