Why you should care about the invisible power exchange with your past…

You and I are shaped by our past – literally and figuratively.

What we feed our bodies and minds is shaping who we are becoming.

There is an invisible power exchange happening between you and your past.

Either your past is robbing your power and capacity you have reserved for your future OR your past is lending you extra power and capacity to leapfrog into your future.

To be clear, it is NOT your past, but the worldviews you developed how you chose to view your past.

Did you experience a failure, OR did you learn from an experiment?

Did somebody take advantage of you, or was one of your blind spots got revealed to you?

Did you engage in a thankless job OR did you get better at a skill that will help you in the future?

and so on..

What happened in the past cannot be changed, BUT you can always reframe it add power for your journey to the future.

Image: Napkinsight #598