Just enough is rarely good enough

On the same day I experience how prevalent is average in our society.

It is unfortunate, but true.

Note: I am not naming names as I have no interest right now to use my blog to take a cheap shot at anyone involved.

First incident: New TV Delivery

Our old TV gave up on us. Coincidentally, it happened during the time where the biggest sales of the year happen in almost all categories you can imagine. We bought a new SONY TV with all the bells and whistles. The store offered to deliver and setup the TV for free. It was a no-brainer, so we said yes.

When I came home, the TV was setup, or, that’s what I thought.

When I switched on, the startup screen came up.

I asked Kavitha why was this not setup by the folks who delivered the TV

Kavitha mentioned that they were instructed to just check if the power comes on when the TV is switched on and that’s all they could do.

Well, the TV was setup in the next five minutes to be precise.

But, that’s something people who delivered could have done as well.

They opted to do just enough.

Second Incident: Winning a contest on a Radio

I listen to music in several languages. Last week when I was driving, the host asked a question. I was in a mood to play along and sent in the answer.

Today, I got an email and since there were probably several winners, the prize was a movie ticket in a local theatre.

Here were the terms:
A. The ticket was in my name and could not be transferred
B. The ticket was a particular movie

The problem?

The only show that was screening the movie was at 11pm in the night in the next four days.

I smiled and returned the gift.

It was really not a gift, but a challenge to see if anybody in a sane mind was brave enough to redeem that gift.

Again, they chose to do just enough.

Creating a memorable experience when you touch people is a privilege that can be used or abused. Just enough is rarely good enough.

Update: I sent a note to both organizations with feedback. The first organization has not responded yet, but hosts of my favorite radio show were quick to respond with an offer to fix the problem. That shows they care which is what matters in the end.