Boost the impact with a powerful backstory

Last evening, Kavitha and I were in a concert featuring the amazing Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. The concert was amazing as was expected.

The backstory shared by Kumar Sanu about a popular song from the “1942 A Love Story” caught my attention.

Before I share the story, please watch at least the first 75 seconds of the song below:

Here is the backstory

This was the final song for the late music director R.D.Burman. The first day of the recording, R.D. Burman sends back Kumar Sanu without recording the song. Later Kumar finds out that the reason was because Kumar went for the recording with an unkempt beard. Burman expected Sanu to show respect for the song he was going to record.

Yes, there’s a life lesson right there as well –

You show respect for something through your actions, not mere words.

Burman was very passionate about the song. He told Sanu that the song has a word that repeats a number of times – “Jaise” (in English it means “like” as in comparison, not Facebook Like 🙂 ) and if Sanu can sing every “Jaise” in a distinct way, the song would be a big hit.

What happens next?

San does exactly what Burman had in mind. As expected, the song becomes a super hit.

Now that you know the backstory, watch the first part of the song with a focus on the word “Jaise” and you will witness the genius of Kumar Sanu.

The right backstory amplifies the intended impact.

Think about your own high-stakes projects at hand.

Question – What backstory can amplify the impact of one of your projects?

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