The four flavors of seeking feedback

They say “feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

It’s true.

Only if it is done with the right spirit.

Here are the four flavors of seeking feedback.

1. To judge

This is probably the feedback approach that has seriously questionable intent. Here you are really not looking for feedback. Instead, you are looking to judge the person who is giving feedback based on the quality of feedback he or she provides. Nobody wins this game.

2. To feel good

In this feedback approach, you ask for feedback, but consume only what is convenient for you. If you get feedback that you don’t like what you hear, you just dismiss the person who provided the feedback.

3. To learn

Now, this starts to get interesting. Here, you not only want to validate your assumptions, you want to reflect and learn from the feedback you received. Here, you are open to all kinds of feedback – good, bad, convenient and the not-so-convenient kind. You eagerly and attentively consume it all.

4. To recharge

Here you crave for feedback because you know that every good piece of incorporated with an open mind will make you become a better version of yourself. When you get feedback that is not convenient, you receive it, in an objective fashion by checking your ego at the door. Every feedback recharges you to walk another mile.

Lastly, while you choose the flavor of seeking feedback. The consequences of that choice are not in your control.

Photo courtesy: Armando Sotoca on Flickr