The time-tested way to create resonance about your product

As my one of my brilliant teachers Toby Hecht used to say, “Birds fly, fish swim and human beings tell stories.”

Resonance starts with a powerful story.

Not any story.

But a story about the relevant use of your product in ways that will create an aha-moment in the minds of your audience.

Let me show three quick examples that you might already be familiar with

1. FaceTime Ad by Apple

Watch this one-minute ad to see more than a dozen different use cases for FaceTime in everyday lives. Not once do they talk about the features of the FaceTime software.

2. Cochlear implant first time use ad

Cochlear implants bring the power of hearing to those that can’t. There are dozen things under the hood. But the ad focusses on the benefit for those around the benefactors of the cochlear implant – resonance at its best.

3. Will it Blend Ads

Here is a sample. This series of ads will be a little bit of a stretch for this example as nobody wants to crush an iPhone using any blender. The point is to show how powerful the blender. The goal of the ad is to make the viewer wonder – “Well, if it can crush an iPhone, then…”

What story can you tell about your product?

Photo courtesy: photonquantique on flickr