7 Insights In 7 Minutes By Kare Anderson

Kare-Anderson2-200x300Kare Anderson and I have been friends for a while. Every meeting and conversation with Kare is an absolute delight because she is simply a powerhouse of ideas, enthusiasm, energy and a bundle of possibilities.

I was not there when these videos were recorded by Japjot mentioned to me that the experience was very similar to that of what we had when we recorded Guy Kawasaki videos – almost no retakes, insights with clarity and compassion.

More than 25 videos were recorded in one session so a lot more coming your way in the next few weeks.

For now, here are 7 insights in one-minute each from Kare Anderson

1. Offer Actionable Ideas

2. Inject Interestingness Into Your Message

3. Smart Partnerships Grow Your Business Faster

4. Make Your Body A Billboard For Your Messages

5. Make Sticky Messages

6. Smart Partnerships Boost Seamless Service

7. Get Specific Sooner


Disclaimer and a Question for You

First, the disclaimer. I am an advisor to Gloopt and the founder Japjot is a close friend.

Second, a question for you. Do you have ideas to share on Gloopt via one-minute videos and do you have the accomplishments to back those ideas up? If yes, please contact me with a short note about your ideas and if Japjot and I like them, we will reach out to you with more details.