The Impact Habit Survey

Impact-Habit-CoffeeMy work is such that I routinely meet people who want to make a giant-sized impact on this world. These people super competent and at least on-the-face committed to see through their dream. Some of them are even tinkering with ideas here and there to get started.

Those of you who have been following me know that I have only two kinds of relationships

  1. Long-term and
  2. Very long-term

Because of that approach, I get to meet many of these people over the years. Sadly, a large number of these competent people don’t end up “making any dent in the universe” but have become masters of coming up with “believable excuses.”

This has been bothering me for a while.

So, when I teamed up with Bill Sherman (my very long-time friend) to write my next book, the question that we wanted to address was:

Why do competent people often accomplish very little?

After months of work, analysis and interviews, we are in the final leg of the journey. The title of the book (as you might have guessed) is The Impact Habit.

Now, a request to all of you:

We have a draft website up and running. Most importantly, we have a survey that will take less than 4-minutes to complete and I would love your help. More people take the survey, better are the results. There are more than 200 people who have taken the survey and we need a few hundred more.

Please help by taking this survey and if possible, forward this to any other friends that are willing to help with this project (4-minute survey)

Thanks and have a great day!

**UPDATE** Thanks for the overwhelming response to the survey. We have more than 500 professionals from all over the world completing the survey. We welcome more but Bill and I already feel blessed with all your support.

Photo Courtesy: Renee Hawthorne