Do you think a rose is beautiful?

While coming back from his swimming class, I asked Sumukh a simple question – “Do you think a rose is beautiful?” He said “Yes” immediately and looked at me as if I was asking about something super obvious.

I followed up with another question – “Sumukh, do you want to think about your answer again? Did you forget about the thorns surrounding the rose? Do you think a rose is still beautiful?”

Sumukh thought for a brief moment and said, “Yeah, there are thorns but I think the positives outweigh the negatives by a wide margin.”

I am sure pretty much everyone would have some reason to justify that a rose is beautiful even though it is surrounded by thorns.

Now, switching over to people.

What do you think?

Do you focus the “rose” in them or do you do you focus on the “thorns” surrounding that “rose” in them?

Why focus on the “thorns” instead of the “rose”?

Well, it may be convenient to focus on the thorns because most people around you are focusing there OR you might just want to feel good that others have thorns too or. Whatever may be the reason, it is tempting to notice and focus on the “thorns” out there.

But, you also know that you HAVE A choice!

This Valentine’s day, why not make a pact to see the “rose” inside of everyone that you meet?

Photo Courtesy: Rose by Manuela Salzinger