Act 2

They discovered you. Now what?

The web is filled with articles about how to get attention. From SEO tricks to paid traffic there are hundreds of ways to get attention today. Unfortunately that’s not the end, it is the means to an end.

For me, getting discovered is Act 1.

What happens immediately after getting discovered is Act 2.

If you have an A+ in your Act 1 and if you have a B- in your Act 2, you risk losing someone and their network for some time to come.

Let me explain.

Act 2 is what you really bring to the table – the positive possibilities for the future of the person in question. It’s your ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people who discovered you. It is where you move the needle. The real impact is always relative – what you bring is always compared with what could be got by choosing the best among other available options to the person or organization in question.

Act 1 is the means to an end to your Act 2.

Your Act 1 is where you promise and your Act 2 is where you deliver on that promise.

Your Act 1 is where you raise your hand and attract attention and your Act 2 is where you lend a helping hand.

Your Act 1 is how you are perceived and your Act 2 is where the reality hits.

Your Act 1 is your focus on your marketing and your Act 2 is where you make meaning happen.

Your Act 1 is telling about your craft and your Act 2 is THE craft.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, if you relentlessly focus on being a master at Act 2, succeeding in your Act 1 costs you less. Succeeding in Act 2 requires you to invest in yourself to make a bigger difference. Not once, not twice but every single day.

I am not suggesting that you should not focus on your Act 1 but Act 1 should be more about amplifying your Act 2. If Act 2 is solid, amplifying it will cost less. If Act 2 is weak, engaging in Act 1 takes more effort and takes your precious time away from focusing on Act 1 and further takes you down a vicious cycle.

This weekend may be you can take a few minutes to reflect on your Act 2. It will be well worth your time!