I am excited to announce the launch of my book on blogging titled

Growing and Making a Difference Through Blogging

It’s been 2775 days since I started blogging and this is blog post number 1805. It does seem like a long journey now that I think about it. However, I can tell you that the entire journey has been a fulfilling one.

Now, why did I stick with blogging for such a long time and continued to invest in it? For starters, here are five reasons:

1. Curiosity: My curiosity level about pretty much everything has gone up by a notch or two because of blogging. I just think, reflect and read more on topics that interest me.

2. Clarity: In general, writing increases your clarity because while your thinking can be garbled, you can’t extend that to the paper. Blogging is even better than writing because you are now writing in public.

3. Connections: I have had literally hundreds of people who got connected first through my blog and then slowly moved to become offline connections.

4. Contribution: My blog has provided me an amazing opportunity to scale. All of us have only 24 hours and are limited by the clock on the number of touch points in a day. With a blog, that restriction got lifted instantly.

5. Confidence: Since my blog also provides me an opportunity to beta-test my ideas and refine them, my confidence to pursue many ideas has gone up significantly.

I can think of more but the above reasons are already compelling enough for me to keep blogging. I have shared the lessons learned over these years and packaged them into the above-mentioned book.

Now, coming to the publishing of the book: There were many routes to take. Since I am involved in multiple publishing ventures, one easy choice was to get it published through one of them. In parallel, I was also thinking about Seth Godin‘s Unleashing the Idea Virus experiment about a decade ago where he gave away the book for free. Unleashing the Idea Virus was a book that people would have gladly paid to buy it but by giving it away for free, it probably reached a LOT more people.

As luck would have it, my friends at MobStac were looking to give a meaningful gift to bloggers. The book resonated well with the team there and my dream of giving away the book came true. Via two companies that I am involved with (Foresight Plus for strategy and ClickDocuments for content marketing) we went to work for the last two months to create something really compelling. We also reached out to more than 30 experts to share their insights on blogging and included them as well.

I am thankful and blessed to have the support of these contributors and the media partners who offered to help with the launch of the book. You can see the entire list of contributors and supporting media partners on the landing page.

A project like this impossible to pull off with one or two people. There are dozens of people who have spent days and weeks to make this a valuable contribution to the blogging community. I have listed all of them in the Acknowledgments section of the book.

You can download the FREE PDF here:


You can also get the light-weight (slimbook version) of the book through our partners SlimBooks (paid)

Get SlimBook version of BLOGTASTIC

Social Media Enabled Book: When you download the book, you will notice that the book is completely social media enabled – tightly integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you like the insights there, you can share them on the above-mentioned social networks with one-click. Please check that out.

If you have a blog or even if you are remotely interested in blogging, you will get something out of the book – now and for the future. Thanks to MobStac, the price point (FREE) for the book should make this a no-brainer to download. My hope and dream is to reach as many people as possible – so if you like what you read, please help spread the message and THANKS in advance for those who provide a helping hand.

Have a great Thursday.