What’s wrong with waiting for an opportunity?

There is a saying – “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” It is a wise saying but some people stretch it to the opposite end to endlessly wait for that “right” opportunity before they jump in.

Honestly, what’s wrong with waiting for an opportunity?

if you think about it, not everything that comes your way is right for you and if you end up taking on a sub-optimal opportunity, you may shut the possibility of working on a better and bigger opportunity because you got sucked into working on something prematurely.

We made a case for waiting and it’s a valid one. Sometimes it’s good to wait even if it takes a few years. BUT, if you choose that stand, you better do a couple of things ( outlined later in the post)

On the flip side, waiting comes up with an embedded flaw in it.

First, it can induce the dreaded complacency.

Second, it can take you on a journey to fantasy land where there is always a bigger better opportunity waiting for you. So, you dismiss the current opportunity deciding not to settle for less.

Third, if you wait long enough, you will see many of your friends pursuing an opportunity and failing. It’s not uncommon to see failures in the startup world as the statistics of winning are pathetic. That will make you more cautious.

Fourth, the more comfortable you become with your “safe” work, the more uncomfortable the option of pursuing an opportunity for you.

Fifth and probably the most under-rated reason is that you get used to seeing short-term results for your efforts. When you pursue a big and bold opportunity, short-term results are limited and that probably will scare the hell out of you.

So, what can you do?

Two things:

1. Always AGGRESSIVELY invest in yourself:

As mentioned above, being a lifelong student is priceless. In fact, you don’t have a choice on this topic. If you want to keep your rate of reinvention higher than the rate of market change, you have to be learning every single day.

2. While you are waiting help others with your pursuits:

This is where yo play without paying the full price – like traveling in a first class seat by paying an economy fare. You get to watch the game up close and personal without risking a lot. Benefit: You get your mind and body ready and raring to go when the time is right.

All the best!