How to walk away from not-so-good people in your life

Would your life be better if you were able to walk away from all the not-so-good people in your life?

I have asked this question to many people and the answer is mostly, “Yes.” It seems like a rhetorical question.

That seems to be the quest for many people and probably you too – to find ways of walking away from not-so-good people in your life.

Unfortunately, the more you try to do that, it seems like the more you end up meeting the same kind of people you are trying to avoid.

It’s all in your head space

It starts with what’s going on in your head. Even as you are trying to avoid those not-so-good people, you are thinking about them. This seems like a logical thing to do but in reality, the more you think about the people you don’t want to think about, what would happen? You will attract more of the same kind of people that you don’t want to be associated with.

It’s not moving away that works, it’s moving towards

Rather than trying to move away from people that are not-so-good, try moving towards people that are “good.” The very first thing that will happen is that your head space is filled with people you want to move towards and not the other way around. Just like before, you will get what you focus on – you will attract more people that you want to move towards.

Some people will feel out of place

The more you move towards good people, the more uncomfortable the not-so-good people become as they have to continue to wear their “masks” in front of more people. At some point, this gets suffocating and they feel out of place. It’s no longer fun to be around people that are totally not like them.


In most cases, they will start moving away from you rather than you having to work on that.

There will be exceptions, but they are just that – exceptions.

Yes, there will be exceptions just like anything else in life. Some not-so-good people will slip into your life and linger for a long time before they are exposed. It hurts, yes, but that should not be the reason for you to rent those people space in your head. That’s an opportunity cost that you don’t want to incur.

All the best!